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Denis D'Aoust (pronounced deh-NEE dah-OO) is a pianist / accordionist / organist / vocalist and composer with an extensive repertoire.  His natural talents cover a wide range of playing styles, from quiet cocktail-style piano to interpretive jazz to rock & swing dance music.  He has a vibrant yet soothing singing voice, and can call up years of hits including the best of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Elton John, Billy Joel, the Beatles , and music from the “Great American Songbook”—a broad array of selections that cover Standards, Pop, Musicals, Jazz, Blues and Rock.

Along with English, his repertoire includes songs in French (his native language), Italian & Spanish. He also plays Bavarian music at the accordion, and sings a few songs in German.  In any setting, he's seldom stumped by requests for specific pieces of music, drawing on his natural music talent to perform anything he’s ever heard.  

Denis also regularly plays organ for weddings, funerals and memorial services, as well as being the resident organist/pianist for St. Joseph Parish in Mountain View, California.

Accordion was his first instrument, which he began playing at age 5.  He progressed to organ at age 12, then moved on to piano—all the while delighting listeners with his beautiful singing voice. Accordion is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, so Denis plays accordion frequently for parties and special events.

In the early eighties, Denis began engineering, arranging, producing and recording music for other performers in his August Night Music studio, and wrote several musical compositions.  He worked on a full range of independent and major-label music projects, wrote "jingles" for radio and television, and produced children’s multi-media educational projects.  In 2000, he was asked to be a judge in the Best Producer category at the Juno Awards, Canada’s equivalent of the U.S.’s Grammy Awards.  

Denis has recorded five albums. The latest, titled It’s Holiday Season, a wonderful collection of popular Christmas Holiday songs.  He lives and performs in the San Francisco Bay Area.